Sunday, 25 September 2011

First update of Contractor Expenses app launched

Contractor Expenses v1.0.1 launched

Our first update of Contractor Expenses iPhone App is now available.  v1.0.1 now sources contracting news from a number of leading sites including ContractorUK, ContractorCalculator, ContractEye and more.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Contractor Expenses app v1.0 goes live!

  • Expenses
    Attach a photo for each invoice/receipt, capture VAT/sales tax, receipt reference and other more detailed information.

    Set regular expense items to repeat, i.e. mobile phone bill monthly to avoid unnecessary data entry.  Advanced expense tracking simplified.
  • Mileage
    Multiple date selection for journeys to regular clients – no repeating data entry for visiting the same client throughout a month as with most expense/mileage apps.

    Mileage expense item auto calculated based on configurable mileage rates/limits and cumulative calculation of miles driven.  Reduced data entry and simplified mileage expenses.
  • Data Export (CSV & XML)
    Export expenses, mileage log, and invoice/receipt photos as XML or configurable order CSV.  Export direct to your accountant or in a format to suit your own filing needs.
  • Contracting News
    Stay up to date with the latest contracting news from leading sites such as ContractorUK, ContractorCalculator, and more.

    Get Contractor Expenses on your iPhone today...