Monday, 7 November 2011

Hours / Time Tracking added to Contractor Expenses App

We're adding Hours / Time tracking to Contractor Expenses and keen to get feedback on what features you'd like to see added ?


OlafH said...

Sounds good for me :)

Reviewing the german version of 'Contractor Expenses', i have some issues right at the first steps within the app:

+ manageable categories (wish)
+ addable categories (wish)
+ possibility to add past expenses (last months, wish)
+ better german translation (must have)

more to come...

Greets and regards

OlafH said... we go

+ manage- and viewable expense information (flag): VAT included (wish)
+ alphabetical category order (german version, wish)
+ manual (to resolve confusing translations, wish)

Greets and regards,

P.S. The app looks like a very helpful piece of software - and has many optimization potential ;) :)

OlafH said...

Another one:

+ Unicode-Export (german umlauts 'äöüß' are exported as hieroglyphs, bug)

OlafH said...

+ German half VAT (7%) is missing (bug)
+ Every expense edit will result in amount 0.00, even if photo is added (bug?)

eclipseCS said...

Hi Olaf,
Many apologies for not checking here sooner, will get onto those issues immediately.


Anonymous said...

hours tracking sounds great - I use the app 'hourstracker' to log time spent on contracts and it's very easy to use & email csv that i just attach to invoice

Laura Bush said...

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